The pixel is visible on this image of 71 by 57 points, as well as the programming of straight lines that we have not tried to hide. The image is constructed from a triangle colored with a continuous variation of color. The program is a production rule of triangles. Each triangle creates another one with different settings. position, size, color, orientation. You can choose to increase the visibility of repetition or to hide it. Of what to make many experiments for which the Lisp language lent itself very naturally
The experiments were far from what we can imagine with the most basic computers of the 2000s....they required time for several reasons: the programming was done on punch cards in a room shared with many students, even correcting a mistake of this nature already asked some perseverance.It was then necessary to wait for the result of the calculation, between half an hour and one hour, using the unique available computer of the department, what removed the possibility to multiply the tests as much as we would have wished it. We used to be very patient, a very useful habit when we began 3D in 1980..
iterations of homothetic continuous series in 1975