1981, Université de Rochester, USA. "La Vénus de Mâcon"
Difficult to make 3D pictures in 1980



There was no commercial software, no computer at disposal of the artists or simply accessible, no status for the artist programmer nor a specific research laboratory. A first solution: leave to the United States, where existed directors of laboratory capable of understanding that artists could be integrated in a research environment. And so we were generously welcomed in the " Production Automation Project " of the University of Rochester, steered by Herbert Voelcker and Aristide Requicha, during year 1981-1982. A computer VAX 780 of Digital was suddenly accessible , without prevention of no sort, what seemed to us almost incredible... With the support of a good research environment in particular that of the director Aristides Requicha, we developed the bases of modelling and rendering of our software RODIN.



A kind newspaper of February, 1982 measures the surprise born in France in front of the emergence of 3D in the art: with one of our first rough images made in September, 1981 in the University of Rochester, to illustrate the paintbrush of the XXIth century...