1977-1978: With a new personal computer this time, a LSI 11 of 32K, a language fortran for mathematical writings, and a system " Colorix2 " which allowed to display 384 x 256 pixels, (in spite of small bugs inherent to a prototype producing some impurities on the image), we had the feeling to have at last a powerful working tool..
Several hundreds of images later, realizing that this tool allowed a kind of drawing, we felt the need to turn towards figurative picture.At this moment, our experimental status could not permit to belong to a named contemporary artistic movement, with the exception of the particular very new and opened field of " Computer Art ", (witch was not an artistic movement in France at that time)..
1977-1978 Studies of "Spline 2D" surfaces
Malgré un contexte technique assez différent, nous avons commencé par simplement étendre les concepts précédents, principalement la recherche de mouvements continus de couleurs, de trajectoires et rencontre de divers mouvements de couleur à l'interieur d'un espace coloré tridimensionnel de structure continue.