1985 Gardens

To enrich the obtained images, we sketched a kind of 3D palette :by associating with an image, for example a trunk, a group of flowers or grass, the map of the depthes of every point, (Z-Buffer), it became possible to organize images between them by moving in depth certain elements, or by stacking them partially or not.

Masses can be added in this way at several levels in the image.

Gardens use the notion of fiber of our program: fibers are curves of construction of the surface spline, (curve "u" or "v"), considered like 3D elements. We used same idea in order to produce curly hair, doubtless naive , but interesting at that time.


The images use rules similar to those of our continuous series of the first 70s: the blade of grass replaces the pixel, it has additional properties: an autonomous variation of color, height and texture, and very similar properties: a displacement with a continuous variation of all the parameters admitting nevertheless certain random. The " meadows or the spring roads " are surfaces weaved by all these trajectories.