installations : first examples
walk on the big canal
the trolley of tears
1999. This installation not interactive was a project for three screens. Three corresponding animations have been calculated so as to produce a fragmented, festive and nostalgic glance on Venice and its big canal. Put a gondola in the middle of screens, 3 minutes. Sketched in the animation "Bon Souvenir".

The trolley of tears must put old computers in a discharge, but on one screen ,a face moans when the trolley is moved...

during a day of demonstrations in our department ATI, which had a large pile of computers fossils..

La soixante-huitarde

"La soixante-huitarde" answers only by extracts of "Le Torchon Brule", famous newspaper of the movement of women of the years 68. (Paris)

For example: " I am the one who has no language, the one who has no face... I am the one who does not exist... "

installation with a joystick