First modellings and animations of the 80s



Years'80 : years of modellings of faces and human bodies, artistic experiments, first animations. In absence of available commercial software, we developed and used our software Rodin, everything passed through surfaces B-Spline from the blade of grass to the human face.

The modelling was more difficult than the deformations of shape, our images and animations used very few data bases. Besides, the length of the calculation time led to a reduction of the number of used elements. There is not need to see a reminiscence of any cultural movement for example surrealist.

The images were produced with the available means. Of course various choices were possible, our was relevant to a certain esthetic: faces and plants replacing cubes and spheres, no theory to do about it..


This face has been digitized with a mecanical system used for cars digitization. The result was a series of 4*4 Bézier Surfaces (software "unisurf" ) easy to transfer to our B-Spline program. (we are always grateful to Alain Jean director of the corresponding service at the" Régie Renault" )