several screens

"Le zingueur" is an installation using three computers through which the images can circulate. The interactivity is limited to changes of parameters by means of the mouse. The purpose was to experiment a real-time navigation through several screens. The animation is an impossible "meeting" , the three screens form a kind of aquarium of an absurd nature with sounds of bubbles

Impossible dialogue, pursuit, the faces join and part through 3 screens. To the left, variant on a single screen.

color palette with faces and speech
les visages parlent et dessinent un décor, interaction avec la parole, et la main. Application de notre "Palette d'animations" à base de "Z-Buffer".
Faces speak while drawing a picture. interaction with the mouse, and speech. Application of our "Palette d'animations" based on the Z-Buffer.

This installation, presented in 2001, produces a real-time image on the central screen from the 3D brushes that are speaking faces. Used as a tool of creation by one person (here Hervé Huitric), it plays on the mixture of verbal echos and constructions or destructions of the image. The words are only echos of those pronounced during the manipulations.