Virtual chorus
The virtual choir is constituted by a set of computers which can speak or sing in real time. They must be in network and their number is not limited. Every screen constitutes one virtual singer. The "conductor" uses a baguette to lead directly the singers. He is also assisted by a particular computer having various sensors, giving multiple possibilities of intervention. For example, we used for the baguette one " flock of bird " to activate the sounds, and we used a series of commands or even a joystick for movements from one screen to another one, and various deformations of sounds or pictures. Naturally we can make a combinatorial of all the possible sensors, the only limit always remaining our human ability to use everything in real-time. How to manage a growing complexity is an essential topic for intallations...(.concept déposé en 2002).
1999: At first, faces repeated the pronounced words. They will acquire more autonomy later.
Sketch of a dialogue of the deaf