Automatic conversation

The computers of the virtual chorus exchange comments, songs, poetries and "ragagas of the virtual" by means of a program Elise inspired by the classic program "Eliza" of the debuts of the artificial intelligence. The number of computers is a parameter of the program, and is not limited.

The communication between computers and one or several persons is possible in principle,( with a reconnaisance of their word), but heavier to organize, and we have preferred to let the computers to play freely.

Installation with two computers:

Well settled behind a small table of bar with some chairs and drinks, both computers spoke more than 48 hours during an exhibition organized by the Center of the Arts of Enghien and the formation ATI of the lUniversité Paris 8, in Enghien les Bains in 2006.

extracts of an unlimited dialogue

Four short extracts in french

indeed we have still few neurones
The virtual veins: poetry of the virtual
The big miaow: sing together
The virtual and the hairy and bearded artists.
long conversation
The text of the conversation shows the principle of the program. The sentences indicated by "pat" have a series of answers r1, r2, r3... chosen randomly. The symbol "*" takes back words pronounced in the previous sentence, what can create one effect of repetition or an effect of amusing absurd construction. Certain words are associated to a command of any order. (it could concern the talk as well as the images). In particular we used words for a command of singing, for example miaou2, miaou3 etc. (duet of both cats, or other), the word " all " means that faces speak or sing together. The number of possible computers is just a parameter in the program.
30mn which correspond tothe joined text.