The Cyberware acquires geometrical and color data during a rotation of 360 degree in about thirty seconds, (what can seem too long sometimes, because a perfect immobility is needed). The color constitutes a synthetic skin which is applicable on the digital face.The images which follow correspond to the definitions of our device: it allowed to acquire 512 by 512 points, what was far from a photographic definition. But the bases of a realistic depiction were there. A really photographic resolution depends only on the number of measurements and on the quality of the color acquisition. From this moment, we could imagine that a future 3D camera would be possible
The Cyberware


With a Cyberware in our laboratory, we have registered hundreds of numeric models of faces, beginning with us and our students.
merci, Anne-Laure!
The visualization was almost real time with a software distributed by Cyberware: in a reduced definition, it was possible to display easily the face under all the angles. Numerous manipulations of shape and color are then practicable, what made of this system a very interesting tool of generation of portraits of synthesis.

Let us note that as no system is perfect, there was a problem of the parts hidden by this type of acquisition: for example the bottom of the chin, the nostrils, the precision of ears, the impossibility to acquire hair, teeth. But the general effect for a face was nevertheless one of more realistic possible for this time.

For most objects, this circular method of acquisition was not very convenient. One solution was to develop a software able to integrate together several views and several textures in order to fill all the hidden parts. One of our students in post-graduate diploma has succeeded in obtaining such a reconstruction.(mémoire de DEA "Art et Technologie de l'Image", année 93-94, Reconstruction d'objets digitalisés au Cyberware, Fabien Godineau).