années 80-84
Siggraph'84 : Electronic Theater

a happy Christmas Eve 1982

A first 3D animation: 9600 bauds à lire avec Riva FLV Player

The movie 9600 Bauds was achieved in collaboration with Michel Bret (the credits, and the inserts ) in the offices of the new"Centre Mondial Informatique" in Paris, thanks to an VAX 780 under-used. During the 1982 Christmas Eve night , the images, made of 512 x 512 pixels, have been displayed one by one, taking 20 minutes for each (a speed defined by "9600 Bauds"), obliging us to double or even triple the images . We used a 16mm camera step by step, it was difficult to modify a part in these conditions. Of course the technical heaviness is visible, with a particular corresponding esthetics. Nevertheless the movie finished to be selected by various exhibitions in particular by Siggraph'84.