years 80


The aim of this gallery is to remove the images of their technical context to allow an artistic reading.

The achievement of these images is connected to a history: that of the appropriation by the authors in 1981-1982 of the first elements of computer graphics developed mainly in the United States.

By building our own software from scratch, we found ourselves in an extremely "primitive" situation: how to define a shape? What about light, perspective? How to adapt the mathematical objects in order to get a sensation of realism ?

Pictures correspond to software: to a basic software without interfaces with the real world correspond pictures of incomplete emergences, pictures of the visual world as much in training as its own rules of building.

The images of 1981-1982 are images of a rather naive primitive 3D: the human forms rough, without expression, are not finished. “landscapes”: rocks, trees, grasses, snow, ice are more of the order of the impression than of any simulation.

But far from us sadden of all these imperfections, we were then in the immense pleasure to approach the novelty of the synthesis 3D. It was easy to anticipate the potentiality of this new pictorial space , for lack of being able to imagine all the future developments, and this was enough to feed our enthusiasm..